MSA Membership Info

MSA Membership gets you access to our ladder system and league play. All interested adults are eligible to participate.

Registration Information

Squash League is about friendly competition and building relationships between players, so we reserve the right to decline to register any person with a history of disruptive conduct ( erratic attendance, argumentative behavior, failure to wear mandatory eye protection and/or poor sportsmanship.) 

Please contact us at for information on joining MSA leagues.

MSA Policies and Procedures

Participants provide their own racket, goggles and singles balls. We play with a double yellow-dot international ball. All players are required to wear non-marking court shoes. All participants should have played squash at least a few times previously. Proper courtesy and conduct is expected at all times.

The Madison Squash Association requires the use of eye protection during all league play. We strongly recommend eye protection that conforms to the requirements of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard F803. Types of eyewear that are not satisfactory under the ASTM F803 standard due to eye-injury risk include streetwear (fashion) spectacles and safety eyewear produced for industrial and educational or laboratory work. All participation is at the player’s own risk. The Madison Squash Association does not provide individual accident insurance for participants. The Madison Squash Association will not assume responsiblity for the safety of persons or equipment and shall not be held liable for any damages or injuries incurred by players or equipment during league play.